Our story

About Us

Inspired by history and fascinated by high-end watches, four friends from Amsterdam decided to forge their own classical timepieces. Because of the fact that most automatic movements are highly expensive, the four young men ended up making an affordable mechanical wristwatch which is made available for everyone but still unique by the limited amout of watches made available for sale. We work together with only one partner who produces the watches for us which makes the prices drop significantly.

Inspiration First Design

John Harwood was the first man to create a watch that didn’t need manual winding to keep ticking. The first automatic watch used a small weight inside the mechanism. This weight swung back and forth hitting a small gear within that would wind the watch. The weight did not rotate a full 360° like it does nowadays. Spring bumpers restricted its swing to about 180 degrees to encourage a back and forth motion, like a see-saw. This early type of self-winding mechanism is now referred to as a ‘hammer’ or ‘bumper.’ John obtained a patent for his self-winding wristwatch back in September 1924. His first creation was only produced 30.000 times and is highly desired by collectors till this day.