Moberly Jourdain

The Ghosts Of The Petit Trianon

It was a sunny afternoon on the 10th of August 1901. Charlotte Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain decided to pay a visit to the colossal gardens of Versailles. While walking down a small side-path where no visitors were allowed to walk, they experienced something that no one until this day can fully explain. The former French Queen Marie Antoinette, wearing a beautiful blue dress, was sitting right in front of the two ladies together with nobles, gardeners, houses and bridges that used to be there. The next day the two Oxford academicians returned to the exact same path they walked but all they saw the previous day was gone. Was this a sign of madness or something inexplicable?

When the two ladies travelled back to Oxford, they decided to publish their extraordinary adventure backed up by a decade of research in 1910. Their timeslip experience has become known as the Ghosts of the Petit Trianon. Was this “time travel-incident” a sign of madness or something inexplicable? In the years there have been many arguments for and against this story but until today nobody knows what really happened that day. Moberly and Jourdain defied time, and so does our company with our historical timepieces. Also, the minimalistic logo is based on outer the shapes of The Petit Trianon.