Automatic Watches For The Right Price

Moberly Jourdain is a company based in Amsterdam that wants to bring back the gentleman by forging the beauty of the past with a long-lasting love for classical timepieces. While others try to push their productions, we produce a limited amount of automatic watches. That way, only a few lucky watch-fanatics will be able to purchase a watch that’s real unique. The Charleston 20’s series is our first crownpiece and will have only a limited supply of 100 unique watches.

Guaranteed Quality

All of our watches are assembled by hand, crafted with the highest grade 316L stainless steel, added with a durable genuine leather band and carefully inspected in the end for minor flaws. If your watch decides to stop ticking for any reason within 2 years, send us an email and we will either fix your watch for you or send you a replacement. 

Inspirated By The Past

The inspiration for our watches comes from the historical milestones that made the world as we know it today. The first design originates all the way back to the roots of the automatic watch. John Harwood was the first to keep the clock ticking with the power of movement. From there on, The big watch companies we know today picked up his life’s work and made it one of the most prestigious accessories a man could wear.